So what about rehabilitation centers?

I have researched the Internet for drug rehabilitation centers across the United States and there are plenty to choose from.  Because the addict has had a dependency on an addictive drug for an extended period of time, I recommend that you seek some professional assistance through a “ methadone detox” type of program to assist with the withdrawal symptoms that are bound to occur. This is not something I even wanted to consider, but I found it necessary as my son was not able to live a normal life without some intervention from a trained professional who would monitor him daily and medicate him according to his needs. This kept him stable and helped him to stay on task at work. 

However, this must be for the short term.  There's no way anyone should consider this treatment long term.  

Included in this program, my son attended counseling sessions where he learned life skills, coping skills and relapse prevention methods so that he would not just be sober when he was eventually done; but he would also know how to stay sober for the rest of his life. 

In many cases, jail has become a detox facility.  This is probably the worst place to detox as no one is at hand to help you through it. However, in our case my son had no choice but to suffer through it.  This of course is not a guarantee that once released he would stay CLEAN.  Quite the opposite, it would be more difficult on the outside than it was in jail.

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